Future building materials

On June 27th and 28th, Materia is exhibiting in Shanghai. We are very excited to be working with Architect@work at their China show. We have a large selection of our most innovative and newest materials at the show – all suited to the building environments of the future.

The theme for this exhibition is inspiring materials for the future. We keep close track of world-wide trends in innovative materials, the materials that designers across the globe use to shape the future of the built world. Specifically for the Asian market, we have selected an array of new, inspiring and ground-breaking materials. From high-tech recycling and sun protective glass to lightweight composites and luxurious fabrics, we have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Future materials
At Architect@work Shanghai, we have divided the materials into four main categories, to make the presentation clear and informative, as well as inspirational.

The first is light-weight materials. As buildings grow to new heights, weight is an important factor in material choice. But environmental and production considerations are also important. Less material use means less waste. This often means that the design is cheaper to produce as well as being better for the environment.

Translucency is the second category. Materials which transmit, refract or reflect light, or which let some light through by means of transparent elements in the material, are increasingly popular in the designed and built environment. The added layers of design enhancement that these materials possess add quality to the building, space or object.

Of course, with the world focusing increasingly on sustainable living, it is recyclability, re-use and upcycling that are of great importance to the world of design. Buildings often use great quantities of a single material, so the integration of recyclable materials is particularly important here.

The last section consists of other high-tech materials. From specialised composites to newly created metals and plastics, and even new uses or production methods for existing materials, this broad category of materials ensures that there lots of interest for all designers.

All of these materials will be presented at Architect@work Shanghai. Specific examples to look out for are the crystalised glass fabric (GLA211), the honeycomb metal plates (MET224), translucent wood (WOO144) and laminated mother-of-pearl (ONA267). All of these materials are pictured here.

Besides the presentation of materials and the information present at Architect@work Shanghai, Materia’s editor, Philip Allin, will be present throughout the show to provide visitors with further information, tips and connections. He will also present a talk and host an in-depth discussion on future building materials on June 28th at 15:15 in the seminar room at the show.


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