Game-changing floor

German engineers ASB have developed a novel type of glass flooring system that uses pre-programmed LED lights to create the lines and markings needed for any number of indoor uses. The technology allows for text, lines, shapes and colours to be programmed in to the floor, so it could be a tennis court one moment and a race track the next.

The floor is called the ASB Glassfloor. Using glass presented various challenges. In order for the floor to feel the same as standard wooden floors, the glass was treated with ceramics to give it elasticity as well as friction. This is important for any kind of ball game.

Equally important, the glass surface is made matte to reduce reflection which would otherwise hinder user’s visibility. According to the developer, the floor is about as reflective as marble – though they don’t specify whether that’s polished or unpolished.

Colours of the floor can be changed on the top with a coating, or from under using the LED lights. The entire floor is constructed on a platform. This slightly raises the floor on aluminium struts which are about 10 cm thick. This extra space gives the flooring system room for the LEDs. And it is these lights which allow the floor to shift from court to course.

That’s why this floor really is a game-changer. The prototype has been installed in a school in Germany, so it is used mainly for common sports such as basketball and badminton. The lighting flexibility of the floor means it could also display information such as game time, scores and so on.

This video shows you the range of floors that the ASB can conjure up.

More information and images via ASB Glassfloor.