Glass reinforced concrete façade illuminated by LED veins

For Bulgari’s flagship store in Kuala Lumpur, architectural firm MVRDV, in collaboration with the Technical University Delft and Tensoforma, designed an innovative façade made of glass reinforced concrete, which achieves an electric-like effect at night.

For the Kuala Lumpur store, MVRDV experimented with the façade that “by day references its organic materiality whilst at night achieves a dramatic, electric-like effect.”

To make the façade, glass reinforced concrete (GRC) was cut according to a pattern, filled with resin and illuminated by amber LED light. A stainless steel sheet acts as a base for the resin, with panel joints concealed and integrated into the vein pattern. The illuminated cracks give the store front the illusion of having glistening gold veins.

The innovative façade was developed in collaboration with Technical University Delft, and Tensoforma, who worked on façade production.

Mock-up at MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Want to see this façade from up close? From 12 to 14 March, a mock-up will be on display during MaterialDistrict Rotterdam in Rotterdam Ahoy (NL). Get your free ticket here.

Concept and design: MVRDV
Engineering and construction: Tensoforma Trading s.r.l.
Material Research: Delft University of Technology
Structural Research: ABT bv
Images: Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee