Today’s materials for tomorrow’s print & sign!

Paper made from fruits and vegetables, paper with wood relief, wood coloured with blueprint… During MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019 (12-14 March in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands) the graphic designer will fancy themselves in the future! Click here for a free ticket.

With an extensive lecture programme, put together along with ambassador Annemarie Kleve (Anders2), a large collection of materials from the independent MaterialDistrict collection and fascinating exhibition pieces, MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is once again a source of inspiration!

Which trends do we see in the sector Print & Sign?
The print industry is represented everywhere. Not only in printed matter and advertisement, but also on façades, tiles, textile, floors, wallpaper, and even solar panels. The traditional paper printing is making place for growth in other sectors.

From 2D printing to 2.5D printing to 3D printing to 4D printing: the traditional printing industry is expanding. Possibilities for ‘personalised printing’, not only on paper, but also on wood, glass, metal, and even concrete, are coming within reach. Special effects for products or packaging material can be achieved by applying smart inks. Smart print technology or interactive techniques, can be integrated in printing matter through QR/NFC/RFID-technology. Printing with relief is increasingly available, mimicking real-life effects like wood structures, or depth in photographs. In addition, the innovation in paper is huge; with remarkable materials such as tomato plants, cacao shells or old jeans being used for packaging material, covers, or even wallpaper. Innovation is working its magic in the printing industry and the amount of ‘printable’ materials will only continue to grow.

For an interview with ambassador Annemarie Kleve, click here.

Materials from the independent MaterialDistrict collection
During this three-day event, MaterialDistrict will show the newest materials from its independent collection, which were scouted during the past year. A small selection of materials:

ARA-LT laser film (COA257) is a method to transfer a PVD layer onto a product. Mohair & Kaschmir paper (ONA750) collections are inspired by the soft fabrics mohair and cashmere. Atmospheric wood (WOO411) is a research project based on a historic contact printing technique, commonly called blueprint. Fruit & veggie paper (ONA783) is made from thin, dried slices of fruits and vegetables as part of an ongoing art project by Alfons Koller. Urban paper collection (ONA480) is crafted from cement and wood.

Large exhibition pieces
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is for 140 exhibitors the annual platform to present their material innovations with their own presentation at the trade fair floor. Aside from the presentations by exhibitors and the independent material exhibition, several large exhibition pieces – often never shown to the public before – will be exhibited during the trade fair, showing the visitor a glimpse of the future. What can you expect?

Vertical printing
The WallPen prints any design on indoor and outdoor walls in durable and high-definition colours. The printer can be used to decorate glass windows or turn a plain brick wall into a colourful mural. It is perfect for painters, start-ups, interior designers, decorators, artists and graphic designers.

Lecture programme Print & Sign
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam is known for its high-profile lecture programme, which includes renowned (inter)national architects, scientists, designers and other experts. After last year’s success, there will be once more two simultaneous theatre programmes this year, providing a line-up of 60 speakers who will share their knowledge and experience with the audience.

Tuesday afternoon 12 March the lecture programme ‘Print & Sign’ takes place in the MaterialDistrict theatre. Speakers are Jutta Birkenhauer (GF Smith), Fabienne Bruyninckx (Bruyninckx Designers), Gerben Harmsen (Twnkls), Ariane van Mancius (Now New Next), and Erik Winkler (Schitterend). (For the full lecture programme, click here.)

Visit us
MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019 takes place from Tuesday 12 March until Thursday 14 March, in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands. For more information and a free ticket, click here.