Hello Christmas Tree

Hungarian Studio Hello Wood collaborated with Design Terminal and Hungarian Interchurch Aid to realize this ‘Christmas tree without the glitter.’ Installed in Budapest, the tree stands 11 meters tall and is made of 5000 pieces of cut firewood stacked against a timber frame. You can watch a wonderful video of the tree being assembled here.

To create the effect of ornaments, ends of the logs were painted white. Near the pinnacle of the tree, the wooden timbers begin to pivot away in order to create a branching effect. The tree is topped with a metal star and illuminated at night with a special spotlighting concept developed by Philips Hungary.

And this tree can even been enjoyed from the inside out. A doorway is installed so that the public can actually climb inside the tree and enjoy the chapel-like space that is contained within.

Called the ‘Charity Tree,’ this tree is not only meant as a traditional symbol to gather around as part of celebrating Christmas, but also as a reminder of Hungarian families who struggle without heating during the winter season. 12 days after its installation, Charity Tree will be dismantled and the firewood given to families in need.