Christmas Trees Find A Joyful New Material Life

The Paris-based company Do You Green is showing that Christmas trees can continue to live a happy life after the holidays in the form of super soft, high-performing fabrics for lingerie.

Companies such as Do You Green buy Christmas trees that have been thrown away from recycling businesses or cities. The reclaimed trees are usually transformed into mulch or wood chips for the construction industry. But Do You Green founder Sophie Young has instead been developing lingerie from recycled pine viscose because of its great materials properties.

Once the reclaimed pine wood has been soaked in an enzyme bath, it takes on a texture like silk. The resulting material is breathable, anti-bacterial and naturally regulates temperatures.

And the material offers environmental benefits as well. In addition to making use of a waste resource, Do You Green claims that the processing of their pine-based fabrics requires considerably less water than that required for typical cotton cloth.

The fabrics are certified by the Oekotex label, guaranteeing they do not contain harmful chemicals.