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Recycled London Olympic Materials Find A New Life

This colourful new community centre in East London was built using recycled materials from the London2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The structure is made with nine containers left over from the Olympic media centre along with decking salvaged from the bridges inside the Olympic Park. The façade meanwhile is made from the mesh fencing that lined the Olympic events. This mesh has been decorated further with re-sprayed panels taken from temporary buildings used at the big event.

Designed by London based studio LYN atelier, the centre is dubbed Hub 67 and has an anticipated lifespan of 5 years – at which point it will be taken disassembled and its parts recycled further.

Local community groups were involved in the construction of the building’s façade as well as the design and construction of a central chandelier.

Embracing the aesthetic of recycled materials, it is a great prototype building that shows recycled materials can be beautiful and vibrant in the built environment!