Ice: knitwear that changes colour when exposed to cold

If you ever regret putting on clothes in a certain colour in the morning, US clothing company Stone Island has found a solution for you. They created a knitwear collection called Ice, which is made from thermo-sensitive yarn that drastically changes colour when exposed to cold.

The collection consists of a cardigan, a sweater and a cap, each with a double-knit construction. The outer layer is made of thermo-sensitive yarn. However, while the colour changes when exposed to cold, you yourself don’t have to worry about being chilly, as the inside is made of pure wool.

The cardigan and cap are available in 2 colour variations, ivory to anthracite and emerald to military green, while the sweater is also available in yellow to orange. The change doesn’t happen at once, but rather gives a patchy effect. The company doesn’t state how cold it has to be for the colour change to start, however.

On the US website, the knitwear is announced as an app exclusive, the last day being today (13 September). In other parts of the world, however, it appears that you can buy it off the website as well and hopefully have a little longer to save, as the sweater sets you back EUR 1,569 (USD 1,874; GBP 1,414).

Photos: Stone Island