Innovative SKYN Condom Apparel Hits the Track

SKYN Condoms are taking their innovative condom material to the athletic track with their new collection of SKYNFEEL APPAREL. Drawing inspiration from the principles of biomimicry, the design minimizes body limitation and even gives long jump athletes extra airtime.

To create this unique garment, SKYN Condoms collaborated with Pauline Van Dongen, who is acclaimed for her wearable technology invention.

Speaking about working with this rather unconventional material for atheletic wear, Van Dongen says, ‘What struck me about the SKYNFEEL material is that it’s super-elastic, super-lightweight and super-strong all at once. No matter how you mold it or shape it, it’s going to feel great on your body. We asked ourselves, Can we create an ultra-lightweight garment and mold it in a way that could help long jumpers perform better?’

Drawing from the form of dragonfly wings, her  resulting garment design includes wing-inspired flaps at the edge of the body made from a thin layer of SKYNFEEL and reinforced with a geometric laser cut grid. Taking the principles of aerodynamics and the  long jumper’s technique into account, the material flaps remain flat during the run up, but open up with the jump, helping to create an upward lift that could help the athlete hover in the air just slightly longer, gaining slightly more distance.

David Chaker, Senior Global Brand Director of SKYN Condoms adds that the material is amazingly light, and much like it is intended when used for condom manufacturing, feels like wearing nothing and all and follows the body perfectly. ‘It would be amazing to see it in competition!’ says Chaker.

Certainly in the world of competitive sports, athletes seek every advantage, no matter how seemingly minute, so it may not take long before this material takes flight on the track.