Turkey’s Mersin Stadium Wrapped With a Perforated Facade

Bahadir kul architects shared their one of their latest projects of stadiums located in Mersin, Turkey. With the capacity to accommodate 25,000 spectators and based on an area of 55,000 square meters, the stadium stands out thank to an ethereal looking, transparent facade that gives a unique look to a building typology that can often seem imposing.

Bahadir kul decided on a distinctive  elliptical shape for the stadium. According to the architects, the shell is a symbolic form that defines the relationship between landscape and structure, but also sets a limit to the area.  The metal structure  is wrapped with a perforate fabric and surmounted by a polycarbonate roof. The perforations of the facade not only create an intriguing look, but also respond to the Mersin climate, allowing cooling breezes to pass through the stadium, creating a more comfortable climate for both spectators and players.

The architects are also pleased to point out that the landscape of this sports arena is oriented towards the pedestrian realm. Positioned on the main road, a stage connects the building to the city centre. Throughout the planning and design process, there was an attempt to reduce traffic as much as possible on the site. There are a total os 1,295 parking spaces provided for cars and 46 spaces provided for public transport.