An installation made of scrap fabric

Architectural firm Behin Ha designed a temporary installation made with scrap fabric material from a coated mesh fabric manufacturer.

Coshocton Ray Trace, as the project is called, was located in Coshocton, Ohio in the US. Made from bright orange ribbons, the installation was designed to be straightforward, so that the community could be involved in its construction. Assembling the structure was a matter of tensioning the ribbons between pre-designed anchor pins and stapling them in place. The anchor orientation at the top and bottom create a twist in the ribbons, making the installation more transparent at eye level, and more opaque in the southern direction.

The fabric is scrap material from Snyder Manufacturing also located in Ohio. Snyder produces fabric on wide rolls, and the two ends of the roll are trimmed to provide straight edges. The trimmings are said to be normally recycled back into the production line. This time, though, they make a stopover as part of the pavilion. After dismantling, they go back to Snyder for recycling.

The installation as located during the summer at artPark in Coshocton’s downtown, which was created to engage the community in the arts.

Photos: Brad Feinknopf