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Lamp shades made of cabbage leaves

Studio Nir Meiri, in collaboration with India based designer Vaidehi Thakkar, developed the Veggie Lights, a collection of lamp shades made from red cabbage.

While the lights are designed by Nir Meiri, the cabbage material was developed by Vaidehi Thakkar. Called Fiber Flats, the material is made by separating cabbage leaves, soaking them in water-based adhesives to preserve the colour and treating them so that they obtain anti-fungal properties. The treated vegetable leaves are then moulded into shape and left to dry at varied temperatures.

Thanks to the treatment, the Fiber Flats become translucent, making them ideal for lightings solutions. The veins and natural colours remain visible and give a visual effect when combined with light. Meiri’s lamp design was designed to imitate the silhouette of the red cabbage.

Earlier, Meiri designed lamps made of sea salt, mycelium and seaweed. The collaboration between Meiri and Thakkar was born from the common wish to explore and execute sustainable design and take it a step further into the spotlights.

Photos: Nir Meiri