The Interactive Garment That Responds To Your Gaze

Caress of the Gaze by Behnaz Farahi is a 3D printed garment that reacts in response to your gaze alone. It was made possible in collaboration with Autodesk Pier 9 and MADWORKSHOP. Watch it react here.

Our skin is a constantly changing elements that expands, contracts and changes shape in response to various internal and external stimuli that include cold, heat and humidity as well as fear, anxiety and danger, just to name a few. This projects questions whether our clothing could not act similarly our skin, responding to external stimuli, such as the gaze of others specifically and responding in an organic, life-like way.

This garment was fabricated using an Object500 Connex 3D printer. This technology allows for the creation of composite materials that feature a wide variety of different flexibilities, and densities, as well as the ability to combine very different materials with different material properties in a single print run.

In addition to exploring the life-like behaviours that could be achieved in a garment, this project also explores the potential of an actuation system, assembled as a form of muscle memory system using Shape Memory Alloy actuators (SMA) that inform the motion of the skin.

Provocatively exploring the boundaries between fashion, art, technology and design, this project offers a fascinating rethink of the relationship between our bodies and surrounding environment, particularly in an increasingly digital and interactive world!