Unique Design Inspired By The Spirograph Toy

The Spirograph is a well-known geometric drawing toy that many of us remember from our childhoods. For recent industrial design graduate Shawn Yang, the Spirograph is the basis and inspiration of his new line of concentrically patterned lampshades, bowls, plates and candle holders.

At his Spirograph Lab, he has devised a machine based on the iconic toy. His motorized machine includes interlocking plastic cogs with a toothed rings that guide a drawing pen filled with resin. The smaller cog piece is loaded into the larger co-shaped cut out. The cog is attached by magnet to an air-pressured contained containing the liquid resin. When the machine is turned on, the cog spins and the container shoots out resin in it moves in the iconic circle or ovals of the Spirograph. You can see a diagram of how the machine works above.

The resin that shoots out falls onto plain, already existing piece of homeware below. Numerous layers of resin can be used to create complex surface patterning. Yang add that by using different speed, operation and resin compositions, a wide variety of different effects can be created!

Source via Dezeen.