Jólan van der Wiel’s amazing gravity stools

Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel shapes stools using magnetic fields and the force of gravity. The ‘Gravity Stool’ will be exhibited at the Craftsmanship Exhibition, that is part of Material Xperience 2012.

Van der Wiel’s Gravity Stool is one of the examples of the renewed interest in craftsmanship and tradition within the fields of design and architecture. The exhibition ‘Materia into Craftsmanship’ shows examples such as the combinations of modern techniques and handcraft, traditional techniques for contemporary applications, et cetera.

Visitors of the exhibition will see very surprising ceramic tiles by Barbara Vos, Velichko Velikov and Heather Knight, textiles made of bark by Lenneke Langenhuisen, stitched concrete by Florian Schmid, foamed concrete, and much, much more.

You can get an impression of the Gravity Stool here.