Lace LED: Recycled post consumer waste plastics LED light

The importance of recycling is of course nothing new, but giving a new purpose to plastic is still a tricky subject. One option was proposed by Margot Krasojević Architects, which designed a 3D printed LED light, Lace LED, that was made using recycled post-consumer plastic.

Lace LED is a LED light diffuser with fractal pattern configurations, resembling a piece of woven lace. It was printed with recycled post-consumer plastics such as synthetic polymer packaging found in take-away food containers, as well as 3D printer off-cuts. The light’s geometry is a series of complex dimensions.

The shapes perceived are neither one nor two-dimensional. They direct LED light through the entire pattern, which diffuses, deflects and refracts light creating a moving shadow whilst focusing it. The form is “the antithesis of the mass-produced recycled bottles and waste used in its fabrication,” according to Margot Krasojević Architects. The parametric design pattern comes in an infinite sequence of configurations from digital model to printed object.

The diffuser is hinged on a pivot, which rotates within a frame altering the light dispersion throughout the form. The LED bulb is energy-efficient, emitting no heat, and the light is warm white, visible for 4 metres in a dark room.

Photos: Margot Krasojević (via v2com)