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Exhibition Luce e Materia at Material Xperience 2017

The interaction between light and material is what decides how we view the material. The exhibition Luce e Materia (‘light and matter’ in Italian) focuses on this interaction and creates a fascinating play with reflection and translucency, which you can enjoy at Material Xperience 2017!

The exhibition, created by Raffaello Galiotto, explores the relationship between light and stone. The exhibition is an original statement, the result of a long journey into historic and creative research that questions and explores the relationship between light and stone. The exhibit, as with a fun mirror effect, is a dialogue between opaque and absorbing surfaces and shiny and reflective ones that, depending on the light, behave like distorted mirrors, create anamorphosis and translucent phenomena.

Raffaello’s aim is to create mutation, secure transformation and even the metamorphosis of stone matters. Working with marble and stone has always been conditioned by light. Sometimes the stonecutter chose a smooth surface, at other times a scuffed and grooved surface in order to obtain specific light and shadow effects.

Raffaello designed the exhibition to highlight optical characteristics of two particular, extremely different, even antithetical marbles: Merbes Sprimont’s Black marble from Belgium and Solubema’s light-hued Vigaria marble. The former is quarried in Belgium from an ancient underground mine. The latter comes from Portugal from an open-air site.

Materia shows part of the exhibition, which was previously shown in Verona and Milan. Luce e Materia was made possible by Solubema, Marbrek, and Merbes-Sprimont.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Luce e Materia for yourself at Material Xperience! For more information and a free entry ticket, click here. Enjoy a little preview of the exhibition in de video below.