Raffaello Galiotto at Material Xperience 2017

Natural stone is one of the oldest construction materials in the world. That is not much of a surprise, as stone is both durable and sustainable. And perhaps, most importantly, it is beautiful. Price winning Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto makes amazing 3D objects and walls with natural stone, using the most modern digital techniques. At Material Xperience 2017, he will talk about his projects and experience in using natural stone.

Natural stone is a very versatile material. It comes in many colours and various degrees of porousity. You can use it both polished and unpolished for different effects and uses. Even if you use the same kind of stone and the same processing method, no piece will be the same. You have the possibility to make a piece of stone in any shape you want, but if you make a mistake, you have to start all over. This makes working with stone both frustrating and satisfying, and an art in itself.

Raffaello Galiotto combines one of the oldest crafts, processing stone, with the latest digital techniques. During his lecture, he will show all his great natural stone projects and talk about his work as a designer.

After studying Fine Arts in Venice, he founded his own design studio in 1993. To the activity of product design, especially in the sector of furniture, he unites the interest for research, the materials, the manufacturing processes and the technology. In the sector of the marble and the natural materials he obtained several awards. He currently teaches design at the University of Ferrara. His projects have been published in books and magazines and exhibited in museums and international events.

Come to Raffaello’s lecture on Monday 6 February, from 11.15 to 12.00, at Material Xperience 2017! For the entire programme and a free entry ticket, visit the website of Material Xperience here.