Lightweight and composite materials shine at METS 2013

Lightweight and composite materials were very popular at the first Dutch edition of our Material Xperience On Tour show at METS, the yachting and boat-building show. The Amsterdam show has put innovation centre-stage for over 25 years, and we are proud to have joined forces this edition to bring more innovation to the show this year.

Our show featured over 125 materials specifically selected for the yachting industry, such as light-weight and high-strength materials. Luxury featured prominently too, as for many, yachts are more than homes away from home: they are floating techno-palaces.

The Material Xperience On Tour concept is the smaller edition of our established formula, Material Xperience. Every show combines an independently curated presentation of the latest materials, geared to a particular industry or sector, with selected commercial partners who demonstrate their own high-end solutions and products. In an open environment, visitors can explore the independent collection, talk with Materia experts and meet the partners for informal conversation.

To add value to a show, we included cross-sector inspiration in the form of professional lectures by various experts. Huibert Groenendijk, WaterStudio and Nedcam shared experiences and expertise with the METS audience. Topics ranged from material synergy in design markets, to the use of water in combating global challenges. Materia’s creative director Els Zijlstra took a daily look at the most important material themes that are set to shape design during the coming years.

Top materials on show at MXOT according to visitors were light-weight materials, such as MET180 and PLA265, and composites, including PLA659 and WOO214. In particular, using wood and light-weight polymers is an increasing trend. Whether these professionals are working on powerboats or water taxis, these materials came up again and again. You can see our top 10 light-weight materials from METS on Facebook.

MXOT is about introducing successful products into new markets. Such cross-sectoral innovation can be a major boost for an industry. Carbon fibre, for instance, was once an exclusive material, but we are now seeing its application throughout the design world. The enthusiastic and international response to our show is an encouraging signal.

All in all, Material Xperience On Tour is successful because it adds value to a show. We are grateful to the METS Trade organisation and the Amsterdam RAI for the opportunity to collaborate on the project. As with all our events, if you missed an edition, you can always follow the action via Facebook, Twitter and our website.