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Mars-approved tires for your bike

US-based SMART Tire Company developed the first ‘space-age alloy’ bike tire that is available for commercial use later this year.

The so-called METL tire is made from Shape Memory Alloy Radical Technology (SMART), a superelastic material called NiTinol+. Unlike conventional elastic material that stretch, the memory metal rearranges its molecular structure when you bend it, but instantly goes back to its original shape. This technology was originally developed and tested by NASA for future Mars Rover missions (read more about this here).

These tires have several advantages compared to traditional rubber tires; they are airless, can’t be punctured so they don’t go flat and lightweight. At least theoretically, the tires will last as long as the bicycle. According to the company, the tires are suitable for commuter, road, gravel, MTB and e-bikes. The metal alloy tire will be covered by a special poly-rubber material, for long-lasting tread and grip, for all weather conditions.

Photos: SMART Tire Company