Materia Xpert Series: Innovation on the seas

Innovation on the seas

October 24th sees the return of the Materia Xpert Series. This themed period has been all about Leisure and Hospitality, and our events are all tailored to the question of how to add that little bit extra to our designs. For this Xpert Series we’re taking a close look at yachting design. We’re teaming up with industry specialists who share their experience and inspiration.

Luxury yachts are generally seen as the ultimate toys of the rich. In ongoing competition, the league of the very wealthy celebrate the largest, longest, tallest and especially the most expensive examples, of which many can be found on display in the ports of Italy and southern France.

So with all that money being spent, what’s going on in yacht development and innovation? De Voogt Naval, part of Feadship and one of the leading international designers and builders of superyachts, show their latest yachting development, including the famous aluminium yacht “Venus”. This striking design comes from the hand of renowned designer Philippe Starck.

In addition, designer Huibert Groenendijk unveils the development of Rotterdam’s wayward water taxis, and of course the development of Qrooz, a living & working sailing vessel for the adventurer who combines living and working with relaxation and discovery on the water.

Of course, Materia always finds links back to architecture. There will also be an excursion to the water villas on Steigereiland – a complex just a stone’s throw away from the Materia Inspiration Centre. A chance to get some fresh air, to be inspired and to catch the tour of these impressive villas.

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