Material Xperience 2017 exhibits transparent solar panels Lumiduct

The Lumiduct transparent solar panels are one of the special items exhibited at Material Xperience 2017. Lumiduct enables transparent glass façades to generate more energy than conventional solar panels and at the same time create a perfect indoor building climate.

Lumiduct allows pleasant daylight to pass through and harvests the surplus of harsh direct light as useful energy. The panels, developed by Wellsun, create perfect daylight conditions and combine full transparent facades with high-energy performance.

They are integrated in a double skin façade of glass and track the sun like a sunflower. The direct light from the sun, which is responsible for glare and heating, is concentrated onto the most efficient PV cells to generate electricity. The building stays cool and light with a minimum of artificial lighting and cooling.

Lumiduct uses 90% of the sun’s energy radiating on the façade. It enables the full façade surface to generate both solar power and heat. Lumiduct uses the most efficient solar cells in the world to convert powerful, direct sunlight into electricity. Soft, diffused sunlight is fully transmitted for natural lighting. This selective sun control creates light and open spaces without the discomfort of glare and heat.

Lumiduct is one of the many special items you can admire at Material Xperience, such as a column made with fabric formwork and translucent insulating concrete. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this event for free! Find out more about Material Xperience 2017 and how to get your ticket here.

Photos: Wellsun