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Building with Daylight: Zospeum at Material Xperience 2017

Translucent concrete is nowadays available in several varieties, but never before it was possible to make it insulating, until now. Zospeum is the first translucent concrete that provides both support and insulation, ready to revolutionise the way we see modern architecture. Material Xperience 2017 offers the opportunity to see this material in person!

Zospeum is a cutting-edge building material that uses up to 30.000 optical fibres per square meter of concrete. It allows light to permeate into living spaces in order for those on the inside to interact better with the outside world. It insulates while remaining strong, applicable for a multitude of architectural applications.

Allowing daylight to permeate helps with energy efficiency by providing natural illumination without ancillary heat. It reduces the need for additional lighting while saving on artificial ventilation.

Conceived by a team of leading designers in the Netherlands and spearheaded by architect Peter van Delft Westerhof, the foundation was set for a new concept that used insulation material alongside optical fibres. The core concept was built upon by Dutch construction agency Hurks, realising the original team’s ideas, bringing the translucent concrete to life.

Zospeum is one of the many special items you can admire at Material Xperience, such as transparent solar panels and a column made with fabric formwork. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this event for free! Find out more about Material Xperience 2017 here.

Photos: Zospeum