Material Xperience Part 6: Meet the future of Graphic & Packaging

Only a few more days until Material Xperience 2018! The annual material trade fair will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands. This year, we show you materials and special items from the world of architectureinteriorfashion & workwearproducts, mobility, and graphic & packaging. In the previous weeks, we gave you a preview of what you can expect in each sector and how to get a free ticket. This week the last sector: meet the future of Graphic & Packaging!

Ambassador of the sector Graphic & Packaging
Our ambassador for the sector Graphic & Packaging this year is Caroli Buitenhuis, chain innovator and consultant in Bioplastics, Biobased Packaging & Bio-economy projects at Green Serendipity and educated as packaging expert.

She has brought various innovations effectively into implementation (including award winning innovations). Caroli has a broad international chain network, which she uses to connect brand owners and retailers to the right parties in the biobased and circular supply chain.

Large exhibition pieces
Material Xperience is for 140 exhibitors the annual platform to present their materials at the trade fair floor. Aside from the presentations by exhibitors and the independent material exhibition, several large exhibition pieces – often never shown to the public before – will be exhibited during the trade fair, showing the visitor a glimpse of the future. What can you expect?

PurPod100 is a 100 per cent compostable single serve pod for coffee, tea or other hot beverages. Rather than separating various components of pods, PurPod100 is entirely made from biodegradable materials, such as coffee chaff, paper, bioresin, etc..

Mushroom material
This packaging material from Ecovative Design is made from mycelium, or the roots of mushrooms. Using moulds, the material is grown in the desired shape. Afterwards, the mycelium is dried, which stops the growing process. The material can replace for instance EPS and is completely compostable.

Seepje uses the fruits of Sapindus mukorossi, commonly known as the Chinese soapberry or washnut, as a natural laundry detergent. The packaging of the liquid detergent is made from recycled milk cartons.

Lecture programme Graphic & Packaging
Thursday afternoon 15 March, the speaker programme “The Future of Graphic & Packaging” takes place in the Material Xperience theatre. The speakers are Caroli Buitenhuis (Green Serendipity), Christiaan Jansen and Willy Mooren.

For the full programme, click here.

Materials from our collection
As always, Materia will show the newest materials from its collection. Below you’ll find a preview of the materials in the graphic & packaging exhibition.

Remake (ONA650)
Remake paper is made from the discarded residue of the leather manufacturing process, replacing
25 per cent of wood tree pulp.

Karta-Pack bagasse/cotton (ONA695)
Karta-Pack is sustainable alternative for plastic packaging material. The material is made from compostable and biodegradable material, in this case a mix of cotton and bagasse (a waste material from sugar production).

BioFoam (ONA683)
BioFoam is a biobased foam that is comparable to EPS (expanded polystyrene). The material has an organic base, and a Cradle-to-Cradle certification.

Visit us
Ready to submerge in material innovation? Material Xperience 2018 takes place from Tuesday 13 March until Thursday 15 March, in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands. For more information, updates, and a free ticket, click here!