We’re at Milan Design Week: Ventura Future

We’re still in Milan scouting the latest innovations for you. Today, we’re at Ventura Future, showing the best material-related projects.

German architecture and wood researcher Oliver David Krieg, one of the 83 participants of Ventura Future, presents his project Aestus, a series of stratified wooden vases. The project combines traditional material with modern technology. The vases are carved from hundreds of layers of wood by an industrial robot. Each vase is functional and durable.

Designer Diederik Schneeman’s presented project revolves around the concept of collecting. Called Cherished, the project turns people’s cherished collections into objects, rendering a new meaning. The collection consists of, amongst other things, a clock made from over 1000 matchmoxes and a Ming Vase made of 1300 Smurfs.

The Diamante lamp by Emma Scolari and Zuzanna Niespor for Lesyeux is a lamp inspired by the shape of a diamond. An iron structure supports a scaffolding of mirrors, which is only visible once the lamp is lit. When it is turned off, the reflecting blue glass can be seen.

Stefano Cerruti of Bottega Studio Architetti in collaboration with Quadrilatero created Vittoria, a system of modular containers. The square shaped elements are made of an acoustic material, multilayered polyester with a recycled and recyclable fabric finish. The elements are formed made by means of thermoforming, without the use of glue, and they can be adapted to the taste and need of the user.

Alves Ludovico’s Super Sweet Series comes forth from his own relation to sugar, as, as a diabetic, sugar is poison to him. Rather than eating it, Ludovico turned sugar into a building material.

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