A mural created by mud-spraying drones

In a live performance in Brussels, Belgium, architectural firm MuDD Architects created a mural made by mud-spraying drones.

On 29 November 2019, MuDD Architects showcased their mud-spraying drone by spraying a 15m tall façade damaged by graffiti in the ex-industrial area where squatters and artist cohabit before the whole area will be converted into offices and urban parks in 2020.

In a live performance, the drones sprayed a clay-based mortar in various colours. To make the patterns, cloth with holes cut into it covered the façade.

The aim of the demonstration was to showcase the use of drone sprays at a large scale and in a complex urban context. The use of drones could decrease cost, time and dangerous situations for workers by replacing cranes.

While the current mixtures consisted of clay and lime, with time, natural fibres like hemp wool or cork dust could be incorporated, to replace prefabricated insulation panels.

The team is currently working on the choreography of different drones spraying simultaneously where drying times, speed of deposition, thickness control amongst other parameters will be set in the drone flight programs allowing to introduce more sustainable mortars in the construction market by an increased control of their deposition.

Earlier, MuDD Architects used their mud-spraying drones to create emergency homes (read more about this project here).

Architecture Team: MuDD Architects, Stephanie Chaltiel Fabio Gatti
Drone team: Michael Daris Sebastien Goessens
Drone footage: Serge De Neuter
Photos: Nassim Gaddari
Stencils pattern research: Summum engineering