A performance running shoe made of tree, beans and algae

Sportswear brand Reebok developed a plant-based performance running sneakers made with castor beans, eucalyptus tree and algae foam.

Called Forever Floatride Grow, the shoe aims to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in footwear. According to Reebok, the most significant sustainability advancement is the shoe’s highly cushioned, responsive midsole, which is built from sustainably grown castor beans”. The material is said to rival the high performance and lightweight of the petroleum-based cushioning standard of the shoe’s predecessor, the Forever Floatride Energy.

The shoe’s upper is made of eucalyptus tree, which is naturally biodegradable, sustainably sourced and breathable. The sockliner utilises Bloom algae foam (find this material in our library here), which is made from algae harvested from invasive growth areas. The material is naturally odour resistant. Finally, the outsole is made of natural rubber, sourced from sustainably managed rubber trees.

The Grow shoe is the brand’s second all-plant shoe, after their Cotton + Corn sneakers (find out more here).

Photos: Reebok