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Origami window blind generates solar energy

Solgami is an origami window blind that ensures privacy, while also generating solar energy.

The mastermind behind the solar blinds is Ben Berwick, who runs the architectural startup Prevalent. The blinds are designed for people in urban areas, especially those who do not have a rooftop for solar panels or live in a temporary accommodation.

The blinds consist of a flat, printable geometry that is folded in three dimensions. The blinds combine thin film solar cells and reflective, conductive inks, printed on a transparent polymer substrate. Once printed, it is folded in a concertina shape.

The most efficient solar panels today reflect 66 per cent of the light that reaches them, and they cannot absorb more. Using this number to their advantage, the solar blinds bounce the light multiple times back and forth to generate as much energy as possible. It makes use both of natural and artificial light. The angle of light the blind receives can be adapted with a single touch. The screen is open in front where the light channels through, bouncing it between the panels, and closed in the back where it houses cables.

Solgami replaces normal window blinds. They can be used open, closed or somewhere in between.

Photos: Solgami


  1. Ginnyburnham@gmail Burnham says:

    Are these window blinds on the market yet?

  2. Sigrid says:

    Hi Ginny,

    The blinds are unfortunately not on the market yet, but keep an eye on Solgami’s website to stay up to date!

    – Team MaterialDistrict