Pioneer: a carafe that purifies water using silver

Silver is well known for its antibacterial properties. Designer Daniel Schofield designed a carafe called Pioneer that uses silver to purify water.

Positively charged particles of silver oxidise and destroy negatively charged bacteria and pathogens, thus cleaning the water.

The idea that silver purifies water isn’t new. The ancient Egyptians stored water in silver containers, and early American pioneers put silver coins in their water storage units to keep it fresher during long journeys.

The carafe itself is made from borosilicate glass, a type of glass that is more resistant to thermal stress than common glass, as are the matching tumblers. Attached to the carafe is a silver plated copper cuff, which acts as a spout. At the bottom of the carafe, a loose-lying double silver coin is placed, echoing the use of actual coins to purify water.

Both the spout and the coins have a hammered finish, chosen to increase the amount of silver in contact with the water.

Photos: Oskar Proctor


  1. Tobias Boyd says:

    Better in theory than practice – I see the designer makes no claims about its effectiveness.