Plant a Biodegradable Raincoat

The brand Equilicua is behind this great concept for a waterproof and plantable raincoat. 100% biodegradable, the raincoat is made of non-genetically modified potato starch plastic and comes along with a package of tree seeds and a Nengo Dango Ball – a small clay ball ball that is based on concepts from Japanese permaculture.

The idea is that at the end of its life, this raincoat can be planted back into the earth. The clay ball containing the packet of seeds helps to germinate the seeds contained –  as well as those around it.

Great for festivals, camping or outside work, this raincoat is part of Equilicua’s FANTASTIC BIOPLASTIC collection. The collection has recently expended to include raincoats that contain vegetable seeds from green peas, carrots and tomatoes.

Equilicua have also recently expanded their product range to include rainhoods, disposable aprons, bags and bicycle seat covers.

Biobased plastics are a definite material trend and a major area of material research. Take a look at some biobased plastic inspirations such as sugar beet plastic, as well as Nabasco and the world’s first biobased facade.