Touch the ‘365 Quickshift’ Door Handle

In the ‘Touch’ series by Studio Rene Siebum, the ‘365 Quickshift’ door handle explores the question of how commercial production methods can extinguish our sensorial experiences as a result of mass production and usage.

In this material exploration, 365 door handles are transformed with different textures, structures, volumes and materiality that awaken our senses and explore our sense of touch.

Concept and craft are symbiotic processes in Studio Rene Siebum. In works such as ‘Touch’ and the handrail Converse, interaction between user and object is fostered through texture, function and beauty – while sensorial experiences explore boundaries in materials and construction.

One of the Studio’s favourite quotes of inspiration follows:

The haptic realm of architecture is defined by the sense of touch which is dulled or cancelled with the commercial methods of production, as is the texture and essense of the material displaced.” -Juhani Pallasmaa (architect)

“Questions of Perception” Phenomenology of Architecture.