These printed mesh cubes appear to change from solid to translucent

Tokyo-based design studio YOY, founded by Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto, designed a series of mesh cubes called Mass, which appear to change their translucency depending on the viewing angle.

The cubes consist of a steel frame, covered with printed, fine, polyester mesh materials. The designers used prints of marble, concrete and wood, each generally solid and not necessarily translucent materials.

Maximising the nature of the fine mesh, the boxes create a unique effect. From a certain angle, the boxes appear to be solid, and made from their respective material. However, changing the viewing point, the design suddenly appears to become translucent, as if it is fading out of existence.

The Mass project is on display at Material Design Exhibition 2018, from 22 October to 21 December in Tokyo, Japan.

Photos: YOY