Shield you eyes sustainably from the sun with coffee sunglasses

Ukrainian start-up Ochis Coffee developed a frame for sunglasses made from waste coffee grounds and flax. 

Recycled plastic, bioplastic, or wood, the eyewear industry is slowly becoming more sustainable. However, the majority of the sunglasses sold is still made from petroleum-based plastic. Ochis Coffee comes with a new sustainable alternative: a frame made of coffee.

The eco-material is made of coffee grounds and flax, turning it into a durable, lightweight, water-resistant, flexible frame that smells like coffee. The material biodegrades after 10 years in soil or water, and turns into a natural fertiliser for plants.

Max Gavrilenko, the founder of the Ochis Coffee, says, “My father owned an optical store and workshop, where I studied glasses from my very childhood. From this, I saw a lot of glasses and wanted to create a really eco-friendly, comfortable and universal glasses that each person can adjust to themselves.”

The frame, available in 5 models, is cut from the material using a digital machine and finished by hand. It comes with polarised anti-scratch glasses, available in 4 colours, but prescription lenses can also be installed.

Ochis launched their Kickstarter campaign yesterday and already reached half their goal.

Photos: Ochis Coffee


  1. Caroline Hyde-Brown says:

    Fantastic idea!