3D printed eyewear is made from biodegradable plastic

How would you like to look fashionable and sustainable at the same time? Crafting Plastics! Studio created a line of 3D printed unisex designer eyewear, made from biodegradable plastic.

Founded in 2016 by Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Kral, the studio worked with the Slovak technical University to create an oil-free and carbon neutral bioplastic material. The plastic consists of a combination of corn starch-based PLA, and PHB, which is made from used cooking oil, as well as safe plasticising additives commonly used in food industry. The material, coloured with natural pigments, has the same useful properties as conventional plastics, but is instead biodegradable.

The material is strong and stable for as long as needed, but decomposes in 90 days in industrial compost. Contrary to many other bioplastic, this material can withstand up to 110 degrees Celsius and does not break easily.

The frames are made of a more rigid blend of PLA and PHB, while the hinges are slightly flexible. The glasses contain no metallic fixtures. Created through a customised 3D printing process that takes about 2.5 hours per frame, the resulting limited edition designer eyewear range consists of mono-material frames in various shapes and colours.

Only the frames are made of bioplastic. The mineral lenses are placed into the frame by hand, or you can use your own dioptric lenses.

We already reported on this eyewear back in 2016, but after a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2017, the glasses are now available for sale.

Photos: Crafting Plastics! Studio