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Robotic masonry with form freedom

Dutch startup Stack3D developed an masonry robot that is able to construct unique, parametric brick facades.

Because of housing shortages, it becomes vital to build fast with high quality standards. Through industrialisation and prefabrication, this can be managed, but could come at the expense of form freedom.

With their robot, Stack3D offers architects form freedom with masonry, while at the same time being able to construct facades at high speed. The robotic arm makes it possible to construct parametric designs that are hard and time-consuming to construct by hand. It stacks bricks in various, predetermined patterns.

Stack3D, which service ranges from design to construction, works with its own in-house developed 3D printer that applies mortar that can absorb tolerances. This means various bricks can be used without any adaptation. The start-up also offers the possibility to design demountable facades that can be reused, reducing construction waste.

Photos: Stack3D