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SEEN is a collection of reflective materials and designs by Marlies Schets. Inspired by Swedish living and, in particular, their way of dealing with minimal hours of light during the winter, her creations include reflective jackets, backpacks, scarves and gadgets that increase your visibility ten fold after sunset.

During the process of creating SEEN, Schets experimented with numerous reflective yarns and designed various safety solutions that prove their value when night falls. The resulting fabrics contain an integrated reflective yarn that is barely perceptible during the day. But when the fabric catches artificial light, it shines back brightly. Style and safety combine to ensure that you will not be overlooked while walking your dog or riding your bike after dark.

SEEN is made from two different fabrics. The first is a woven fabric that contains different yarn colours, creating the non-visible, reflective effect. A kind of fading pattern creates movement in the textile itself. The other fabric is a laser-cut textile, which is placed on top of a reflective fabric.

Marlies Schets will be present at Dutch Design Week starting 18.10.2014 with her reflective fabrics at the Graduation show of the Design Academy. More about SEEN here.