Shanghai show

The well-known show ‘Architect@work’ was held in Shanghai on June 27th and 28th. It was the second edition of the show, and Materia was invited to host a materials’ exhibition for the professional audience. We wanted to present some really special materials at the show.

More and more, the Chinese construction industry is finding itself at the forefront of building, and we hope to inspire this huge industry towards more and more innovation too. Luckily, architecture-minded Asia is also looking to incorporate ideas on sustainability and environmental responsibility in design as much as including the latest trends, fashions and colours.

We mixed all this together for our show. That’s how we were able to show some of the most inspiring materials for the future of building. As the trend watcher for innovative materials, we aim to have the materials on display that designers across the globe use to shape the future of the built world. For the Chinese market, and more broadly the Asian market too, we selected an array of inspiring and ground-breaking new materials. From high-tech recycling through sun protective glass to lightweight composites and luxurious fabrics, we had something for everyone. You can see some highlights on our Facebook page.

Our show was divided into four main groups of future building materials. The 150 samples on display were organised into the following sections: lightweight, transparent (and translucent), high-tech and sustainable. These families of materials are all of great importance and influence on the built and designed environment. Lightweight materials make structures stronger and more efficient, and allow buildings to grow to new heights. A high-tech element adds value and important innovation to an existing material, while the focus on sustainable materials makes us look ahead to a product’s future. Transparent and translucent materials are also an important current trend, specifically for architecture. This has a lot to do with the ‘opening up’ of design to the wider audience. We are seeing more and more that transparency in design – both literal and figurative – is the way forward. Nowadays, designers share their knowledge as much as their passion for materials.

In all, we had a great time at Architect@work. Many thanks go out to the organisers and to everyone who visited. Your enthusiasm made the show a success!