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A solar charged car with moss interior

German car company Sono Motors recently revealed the first images of the interior of their solar charged Sion car, which includes a natural air filter system made with Island Moss.

Using moss in the interior is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it beneficial because of its natural look, moss is also acoustic, cooling, and cleans the air. According to Sono Motors, their ‘natural air filter system’ filters up to 20 per cent particulate matter out of the air. The moss is no longer living, though. Through a process, the water is extracted from the material, but the microstructure that acts like a filter and controls humidity remains intact. The process protects against mould and discolouration.

The Island Moss does not need any special care. It works alongside a normal air filter and has to be replaced simultaneously.

The electric Sion has a liquid cooled battery with a capacity of 35 kWh, enabling you to drive approximately 250 kilometres (155 miles) on a single charge. In addition, the exterior features 248 solar cells so the car can charge during the day. German weather can generate up to 34 kilometres (21 miles) extra per day from solar energy alone.

Sono Motors says the car is produced with 100 per cent renewable energy and they will offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions produced in the manufacturing process.

Photos: Sono Motors