The world’s first squeezable metal bottle

Staying hydrated on the go is important, so many people opt for carrying their own bottle of water. With many people becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental risks of plastic, bottle made from alternative materials, such as metal or glass. However, many athletes need to drink quicker than gravity allows, which is where squeezable bottles come in. However, up till now, these bottles were all made from plastic. The start-up Keego has launched a kick starter for their innovative product: a squeezable bottle made from metal.

Plastic bottles have some advantages, such as that they are light and don’t break easily. However, plastic bottle also allow plasticisers and softeners to seep into your water, which poses a health risk.

The bottle by Keego is made of various materials. The inside is made of titanium (99.8% pure), making sure that the content only touches metal. Titanium was chosen because it is strong and lightweight, but it also resists corrosion. An elastic polymer core makes it possible for the bottle to bounce back into shape after squeezing. The outer is applied with a topcoat that is weathering resistant and has an elastic recovery capability, giving it a long-lasting scratch resistance. The tip of the bottle is made of medical grad silicone rather than metal – a compromise for the well-being of your teeth.

The shape of the bottle was especially designed to make it easier to squeeze The rounded square-shape and monolithic design gives the surface of the bottle an ideal distribution of tension and pressure. It is also well suited to the specific material properties and production process.

While most metal bottles are heavier than plastic ones, Keego claims theirs is as light as one made of plastic, weighing only 140g (4.9oz).

You can find their Kickstarter campaign here.

Photos: Keego