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Material Xperience: Bigger and better than ever!

For the past year, but especially the last few months, Team Materia has been working incredibly hard to make Material Xperience 2018 a success, with a concept that was bigger than ever! Rather than focusing mostly on architecture and interior, Materia went multisectoral, adding the 4 sectors Products, Mobility, Graphic & Packaging and Fashion & Workwear. In addition, we went solo this year, without another trade fair to back us up. And guess what? Material Xperience 2018 was a huge success, with 140 satisfied exhibitors, 55 happy speakers, and over 7.500 excited and inspired visitors!

4 new sectors
While has been a platform for non (interior) architects as well as architects for a long time, Material Xperience focused mostly on those groups. This year, however, we decided to expand dramatically, adding no less than 4 sectors to the trade fair. Thanks to the efforts of our ambassadors Caroli Buitenhuis (Graphic & Packaging), Marina Toeters (Fashion & Workwear), Marcel Vroom (Products) and Erik Tempelman (Mobility), as well as Odette Ex (Interior) and Ulrich Knaack (Architecture), we had 6 amazing exhibitions, in addition to our own exhibition of the materials that we’ve collected in the past year!

This year, Material Xperience had its 13th edition. Until last year, we always had our trade fair simultaneously with another trade fair, so it was definitely exciting and a bit scary to go alone this year. Our hard work was rewarded, however, with over 7.500 visitors!

From both the exhibitors and the visitors, we have heard enthusiastic stories and testimonies, praising Material Xperience’s open, unique, surprising, and professional character. Visitors varied from students, a.k.a. the creative professional of tomorrow, to large architectural firms and car manufacturers.

The last Material Xperience
Material Xperience 2018 consisted of 3 amazing days full of inspiration and energy, focused on technology and sustainability. And yet, this was the last Material Xperience ever! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop hosting a trade fair. Next year, we’ll be back, bigger, better and more innovative than ever, with a new name: MaterialDistrict. See you next year!

Photos: Viorica Cernica of Houdbaar