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Superhydrophobic and Super Green Biocoat

Developed by Bionic Technology in the Netherlands, BioCoat is a superhydrophobic (i.e. extremely water resistant) coating line that is also UV and heat resistant, very durable and completely green.

These coatings are based on nano-sand (silicon) particles that have been reduced 2,5 million times to nano dimenions that are 10 to the ninth or 1 billionth of a meter. At this point, sand crystals of the highest quality can be extracted. These are arranged in a chain, to which carriers that stick 9 millimeters deep into the coating of the surface to be coated can be attached. The result is supreme durability.

Highly versatile, the coatings can be applied to stone and wood, glass and ceramics, plastic and metal, and finally textiles. They can also be adapted and customised to specific applications.

You can watch these incredible superhydrophic materials in action here, or at Materia’s upcoming ‘Wonders of Water’ exhibition visiting Architect@Work Kortrijk and Architect@Work Liège.