Bricola Collection

In Venice, paline and bricole (group of three paline) are timber poles, planted in the Laguna seabed. The first ones are used as boat moorings whilst the second ones have the vital function of indicating the boundaries of the deepest part of the Laguna, that is to say the area which can be navigated without risks.

During their stay in the Laguna, these logs are deeply sculpted by Teredo Navalis, a mollusk that, whilst allowing the inner core of the log to remain incredibly healthy and strong, nonetheless leaves traces of its passing on the wooden surface in the form of shapes and striking designs made of perfectly circular holes.

The Bricola Collection by Alcarol, according to the concept of raw materials re-utilisation, is born by a determination to exploit the timber of these historical poles. High quality oak of considerable sizes, timber which was sourced for its uniformity and then tempered by salt, by water and sun cycles, by cold and by warmth and sculpted by molluscs becomes, with time, a totally unique wood that is precious, romantic and noble thanks to its own intrinsic features and its historical weight. See for more information