The world’s first compostable marker

Design company Carlo Ratti Associati developed what they call the first fully compostable maker, using cartridges made of natural fibres and filled with water-based, non-toxic (even edible) ink.

Approximately 35 billion makers end up on the landfills annually, commonly made of petroleum-based plastic.

Called Scribit Pen, the marker was designed for tech company Scribit, which developed a robot that can write and draw on walls (read more about this project here). The pen is available with a barrel made of wood, biodegradable plastic, and adonised aluminium (which isn’t biodegradable, of course, but is recyclable). The inside cartridge and nib are made of natural fibres. The ink is water-based and non-toxic, so much so that it is even edible.

The Scribit Pen project is still under development.

Photos: Carlo Ratti Associati