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The world’s first self-charging solar cargo e-bike

Dutch company Need The Globe (NTG) developed what they say is the first-ever solar cargo e-bike, called SunRider.

The cargo bike was developed as a last-mile delivery concept, to lower environmental impact. It is powered by a 250W hub motor with a 1.6 kWh swappable battery. It’s self-charging property, thanks to the integrated solar panels, “reduces pressure on overloaded electricity grids”. The solar panels charge 50% on average, and up to 100% on sunny days.

The cargo container can fit 1 m3 Euro pallets and can transport up to 150 kg of cargo. It is made of “lightweight materials”, making it the lightest cargo e-bike on the market. The SunRider cuts CO2 emissions by 95% in comparison to a diesel-fuelled delivery van, and by 50% in comparison to other cargo e-bikes on the market. Furthermore, it significantly lowers dependence on grid charging and fossil fuels, thereby also reducing labour costs.

NTG is a member of the Alliance for Solar Mobility and works with TNO, TU Delft, Mobility Design Lab, and UNStudio for the development of the SunRider.

Photos: NTG