3D printed lamps made from recycled ceramics

Reprint Ceramics, a joint initiative consisting of Fabrique Publique and Coudre Studio, consists of a series of parametrically designed 3D printed lamps, made from recycled ceramics.

Using post-industrial and post-consumer ceramics waste, the project aims to show that the use of waste can reduce supply chain costs, decrease the use of raw materials and improve the ecological footprint, whilst making functional and beautiful products.

The project uses the special 3D clay printing technique developed by the Spanish Coudre Studio and combines it with the upcycling discarded household ceramics (Remake Ceramics, which you can find in our collection here) by the Dutch Fabrique Publique.

According to the studios, “the tactility, the look and feel, its organic structure, it all fits very well together. The lamps are really a showcase of both the material and the technique.”

The lamps are made in partnership with thrift shops in the Dutch city of Breda to use their ceramics waste for free. These shops gather a lot of ceramics’ waste materials that can be used as a resource for making new ceramics.

The project is supported by the EU WORTH Partnership Project.

Photos: Reprint Ceramics