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What not to miss at Dutch Design Week 2020 part 1

Dutch Design Week 2020 takes place from 17 to 25 October. Due to Covid-19, the event will be held entirely virtually, but that does not mean there isn’t plenty of material inspiration. Today, we selected some of the most interesting material projects.

Illusory Material
This project designs ‘impossible’ materials, which only exist in the digital world. It is a design philosophy, computational workflow that enables the designer to create material with dynamic colour and texture in a controlled wat. It breaks down design medium into ‘matter’, restructuring and reinventing materiality with unique expressions, properties & experiences.

The circular station
Dutch train organisations ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester called for designers to make a plan to design fully circular stations, which resulted in three promising circular designs made by four Dutch studios. These designs will be presented during DDW. The aim is to use these concepts in the construction of new stations and to be fully circular by 2050.

Concrete Printing Facility
Vertico developed all aspects of a large scale concrete 3D printer, capable of producing objects up to 10 x 2.5 x2.5 metres.

DDW also presents the FreshTag, a label that shows if a product is really spoiled, and Ammos, a glass audio system.

Images via DDW