What not to miss at Dutch Design Week 2020 part 4: ceramics

Dutch Design Week 2020 takes place from 17 to 25 October. Due to Covid-19, the event will be held entirely virtually, but that does not mean there isn’t plenty of material inspiration. We selected some of the most interesting ceramic projects.

Reprint Ceramics
The aim of the project Reprint Ceramics is to develop more circular options to 3D print clay, by offering recycled clay packages, an open source knowledge platform, workshops and consultancy.

The printed products have at least 50% recycled content. As proof of concept, parametric modular lamps are printed made with pre-made recycled clay packages for 3D printers.

Eggshell Ceramic
Eggshell Ceramic is, as the name implies, ceramic material made from discarded eggshells. Eggshells contain calcium carbonate, a nutrient for humans, animals and plants. Atelier LVDW developed a ceramic-like material, which is strong, but also light as cardboard. The material proved to be a suitable replacement for single use products.

Crystal Growth
Each year, the quarry of natural stones leaves at least 600,000 tonnes of waste material, while the ceramic industry has 1,000 tonnes of overspray material per year. These waste streams can be used as a source of minerals for further application in ceramic glaze.

Batik on Ceramic
Studio Sinn Ästhetik reinterpreted contemporary batik techniques by using their drawing machine on ceramics. Batik is a traditional hand craft technique of textile dying.

The studio used shellac, a natural, organic resin that comes from an insect, Laccifer Lacca, to draw on ceramic tiles, which were glazed afterwards. Using the drawing machine, complex patterns were drawn, generated by the machine.

Images via DDW