What not to miss at Dutch Design Week 2021

Dutch Design Week 2021 takes place from 16 to 24 October 2021 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). MaterialDistrict selected some of the most interesting material-related projects.

Sparkling Plastic
This workshop allows creatives to experiment with waste plastic. The industry only recycled a limited amount of plastic. To give the processing of plastic waste a chance, higher-value products need to be created. Rather than small objects like key chains, Sparkling Plastic focuses on more durable applications, like designer furniture and street furniture, but also spatial structures such as a pedestrian bridge.

Material Meetings
Material Meetings is an exhibition of the Swedish School of textile graduate students. The textile pieces exhibited “challenge boundaries of textile thinking”, using knitting weaving or printing in themes like bio-design, digitalisation, and challenging beliefs and traditions.

Rethinking Plastic
While the environmental problems of plastic are evident, it is also hard to imagine a world without this material. The ongoing exhibition at Yksi Expo shows how we can look at plastic differently and deal with the controversial material. With alternatives from renewable materials or by designing plastic products that last longer and can be more easily recycled, or by reusing plastic, designers can help us think differently about the material.

Mycelium Pigeon Towers
This project is an ongoing experiment to build with living mycelium waste from oyster mushroom farms. During DDW, you can see one of the towers taking shape, as well as participate in the building process.

Isola Talents Factory
This exhibition shows the work of (graduated) students of several design schools such as Design Academy Eindhoven, ArtEZ, and WDKA. With their work, they are showing a broad range of designs.

Exploded View Beyond Building
A house made with over a hundred biobased materials, showing the possibilities of today and tomorrow. Read more about this project here.

Photos via DDW