What not to miss at Dutch Design Week 2023 part 1

Dutch Design Week 2023 takes place from 21 to 29 October in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Here, we present some of the most innovative material projects present, part 1 (part 2part 3part 4part 5, part 6).

Using craftsmanship and some imagination, design studio Eversom turned rejected fire hoses into interior objects, like room dividers. The hoses were used by the Dutch fire department, but after they served their use, they were discarded. The material cannot be recycled, but it can be reused. The studio developed its own tools to work with the hoses.

This project is an experiment for (interior) design and packaging, using origami-based folded structures. Origami can be used to create three dimensional, lightweight and durable structures. The project aims to find new solutions for industrial-scale production. The proposed solutions and experiments aim to improve user experience, implement high level visual aesthetics, and increase reuse of materials while supporting sustainability goals of the EU green transition. Concepts and folded materials have been developed as part of the Fold project led by VTT and Aalto University in collaboration with partner companies.

Butler Table Collection
The Butler Table Collection by Bogaerts design is made of recycled plastics from old electronics and upholstery waste. The tabletops made from discarded fridges and consumer electronic plastics are made by The Good Plastic Company. The tabletops made of recycled upholstery are crafted by Kvadrat Really.

Solar Sands
The Aureole collection by Rollo Studio is a series of lamps inspired by the shapes of sunflowers. The experimental creations are made by 3D printing and black sand.

The Peltchair is made from copper and aluminium, using a nature inspired structure. As you sit down, warmth flows through the chair and causes it to light up gently. The more of a temperature difference between your body and the surrounding air, the brighter it glows. The Peltchair was designed by Studio Synergy and Lilian van Daal.

Images via DDW