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Artimo has known the world of interior projects from the inside since 1974. They occupy a special position within this dynamic, innovative market. In the Netherlands, Artimo is the only specialized supplier with a collection consisting exclusively of internationally certified, permanent flame-retardant curtain and upholstery fabrics. Their room for maneuver is large for a reason. Artimo fabrics are widely used in hospitals, nursing and care homes, and schools. But offices, hotels and restaurants also make grateful use of the collection.

All clients and suppliers can count on the personal approach of a group of experienced employees. With their underlying expertise, they know the ins and outs of each project phase. Thorough professional knowledge, expertise and the up-to-date range guarantee that Artimo can respond flexibly and consistently to all specialist questions from the market. For each project, they respond flexibly to the specific wishes of residents and employees. This is how they hope to contribute to an environment where people feel comfortable and at ease.

With their unique specification service, Artimo guides you on your way to a well-considered choice of materials, colours and designs. They also support you with the best terms, quotation form, general information and specified size plan you can pass on to your client. This is how they capture the best of all worlds in customization. Accessibility and flexibility are not empty words. They do what they say and keep their promises. They take customer wishes seriously. Together they can switch quickly and do everything they can for an optimal part. Clients know that: they recognize and appreciate the service and reliability.